After a brief career in the traveling circus, I spent a few months teaching Dolphins sign language.  It was at this point that I didn’t think life could get better, and then I discovered the fantastical world of Real Estate sales.  The magic and wonder of this, ever-evolving, career field has captivated my attention for over 7-years.


Not unlike Dorothy and Toto, I started out on my Real Estate journey (in-black and white, too) in a small town located in central California.  Then, I was wisked away by a Tornato named Brian who showed me whole new world (in color  now); lovinly known as Palmer, Alaska.


Currently, I am positioned as Assistant Team Ring-Leader (once in the circus, always in the circus), for an amazing group of talent.  When the mood strikes you to buy or sell a home, remember RE/MAX Frontier, Steven Blades, because ” you’ve got a friend in me” (at least for 45-60 days).

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